MoTex Embossing Label Maker (cool green)

Remember those cute labels you used to make for anything and everything as a kid? Well, they're back!

Meet MoTex - your best friend for labelling, organising, decorating and DIY. With this simple retro label maker (no batteries required!) you can get up to all kinds of crafty mischief!

The original Motex Embossing Label Maker E-303 is an easy to use, compact label maker perfect for organising both the home and office. To quickly produce adhesive labels, all you have to do is turn the wheel to the appropriate letter and click the lever to emboss the character. Such fun! Anyone can use Motex to create cost-effective labels anytime and anywhere. Size 117 x 57 x 26 mm.

MoTex comes ready to use in a cute box with 2 wheels (Emoticon and Uppercase / Number and Lowercase). We've also included a roll of tape to get you started. 6 months warranty. Lots of coloured tapes (including fab neons and crystal clear) are available in our store!

Label everything and anything!

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