Ethical Policies

    Lark aims to make products that are not only beautiful and well-made, but also socially and environmentally responsible.

    Our partners, suppliers, manufacturers and retailers are primarily small, family-run businesses.

    The following labels appear throughout this site, to help inform you about the origins of our products.


    Many of our items are made from discarded materials, which we recycle into new products. As well as the environmental advantages this brings, it also gives the products a unique appeal. We use a minimal amount of packaging on our products. When we do use packaging we prefer to use recycled board and biodegradable cellophane.


    With the exception of some printed goods, all of Lark's own products are made by hand. We also stock handmade goods by many other designers. Hand-made products carry many benefits - each product is unique, quality is high, traditional skills are maintained, and there is less impact on the environment (for example, no electricity is used in the making of our knitted toys). 


    At present we can offer only a small number of products using organic materials. It is our aim to introduce more organics into the range and we are working closely with our suppliers to achieve this. We are also trialling the use of bamboo in place of cotton. We use natural fabrics throughout our range, and the dyes in our children’s knitted toys have been tested to meet the strictest safety standards.

    Fair Trade

    Lark's knitted and embroidered products are made for us by our Fair Trade partner organisation in Bangladesh. This non-profit organisation was set up to offer skills and employment to women who would otherwise not be able to work (for example women with young children or disabilities). We have set up a network of regional centres where the women are employed close to their families, and where they have access to training, schools and midwife centres. Many of the women go on to become supervisers and trainers within the centres. Our practices adhere to strict fair trade principes, and the organisation has fair trade certification.

    Sweat Shop Free

    Lark's children's garments are made locally in Australia. Our t-shirt maker is an accredited manufacturer under the 'Homeworkers' code of practice. All of Lark's own-brand products are made in sweatshop-free conditions.